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About Kipepeo Green Heritage

Growing up, families once had fruit trees in their back yards and children knew the taste of avocados, oranges, guavas, pears, mangoes, plums and sweet bananas. Somehow, there was always so much to eat and share.

But that is not the case these days.

Nowadays, some kids have never even seen or tasted such (supposedly) 'exotic' fruits as guavas, custard apple, tree tomatoes or passion fruits. They have become expensive to buy while parents struggling with meagre pay would rather buy ‘unga’ instead of fruits for their families. Bananas are fruits after- all, right?

We Kipepeo Green Heritage share a vision with millions of people, the world over, to whom the flourishing of fruit trees and forests is a vital role in sustaining planetary and human well-beings. And, if we come together, we can realize this future. Well, it will take a community to restore our fruit trees and forests. And this will mean the engagement of all community stakeholders: tree planters, farmers, foresters, local communities and supporters, community organizers, entrepreneurs, and teachers.

This will mean we work every day to:

  • plant and grow fruit trees while restoring mother earth to her greener origins,
  • strengthening community and ecosystem resilience, while lifting people out of poverty,
  • solving global food security challenges, and
  • ending hunger by sustainably nourishing the growing local populace,

The orchards and kitchen gardens are popular with both the student and gardening communities. “Everyone is just delighted that they can someday walk up and just harvest their fruit of choice. It’s really cool.” Such casual harvesting is available now, for instance in Nguruman and Mathare Primary Schools. And because the young trees produce only a fraction of the bounty they will bear when mature in a few more years. School officials are working with community members in the meantime to tailor the orchard experience to the young students in the villages. This as much as is a scientific experience; kids will get to enjoy part of their five fruit portions a day. The excess in turn is sold at local market – bringing in extra cash that goes to meet the economic needs of the schools.

We want free, organic, locally grown fruit to be there and available to anyone. Focusing initially, on selected indigenous fruits, maybe that’s the secret behind the enthusiasm for communities: a universal appetite for the fresh and sweet fruits or maybe it’s something more uniquely Kenyan.

As impossibly idyllic as that may sound, it’s pretty much what we Kipepeo Green Heritage have in mind: fruit-bearing (and nut-bearing) trees in a public place near you, where you can watch the fruit form and ripen and when the time is just right, reach up and pluck it.

According to Juliet Biao Koudenoukpo – Director UN Environment Africa Office, “Africa is the most affected and vulnerable continent, therefore climate change mitigation must be the top-most priority.” Also, studies done by the American Scientific Journal (PNAS) in 2017 shows that restoring forests in their natural form is one, if not the single most efficient answer to reducing global warming. And this is partly what inspired our thought of tree planting only that we’ll be specializing in fruit trees.

This is a journey for our children and generations to come. We are called to show them the way; and environmental conservation is our own small way. Let us take these steps with our children, just like in the growth process of a butterfly – from egg, larva, pupae, adult; so will our children grow and someday, become beautiful humans standing in the gap for their own generations. Children are a symbol of hope, our future. Let us work together and give them the motivation and empowerment to become what they desire; our lives are only as great as the environment we live in. Let us give them cleaner air, a greener and productive mother earth.

It is an innovative project that is only as strong as our volunteers, partners, sponsors and friends. You working with us will definitely lift this vision, changing and empowering lives beyond our borders, past our continent and into the global village. It is a chance to engage in mentorships, clean-ups, tree planting, empowerment, dancing and changing lives through gifting of the sanitary life kits.

And next time you are looking to implement a CSR project, why not give us a call and let’s chat? I am sure you will find it all worthwhile. When you join Team Kipepeo Green Heritage, you become more than just a volunteer, sponsor, donor, or friend. You become family. A part of the team working to deliver on our goals. We hope you will come along for the ride - ours is an intense resolve to help our communities and change livelihoods.